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Welcome! I'm Laura & I am a 'retired' graphic designer. {that's a fancy way to say I was laid off due to the economy} I have done freelance for years & went to college & studied Graphic Design/Fashion Illustration. I have over 20 years exp. in the industry and have worked for some great companies over the years. But ya know what? . . .I LOVE my job now the best! I get to drop off & pick up my daughter every day from school AND design all day long for MYself! The whole creative process of planning an event or creating a logo for someone, is such a rush for me - to see an idea come to life is the best feeling in the world! I started this biz after planning & designing my whole wedding in March of 2010. I LOVE what I do - custom event design, logo design & decor design & get to design something different every day!

laura londergan
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